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about our director

When Stephanie Boutté gets up every morning, she knows she is going to make a difference in someone’s life. As the owner and director of the Houston Training and Education Center , she looks into each student’s eyes when they visit her office, and can read more than what is in their transcripts. “I see the potential in each one. I help them get the qualifications that get them in the door. Each H-TEC graduate will make a decent living and have opportunities for growth. I also want each student to have the freedom of choice and a future full of hope, whether they ultimately go on to college, or use their skills to launch a career immediately” says Boutté.  College, once the proven path a better life isn’t always a faster road to financial security, especially with rising tuition costs and tougher restrictions on student loans. In fact, there are two million people with 4-year college degrees who are not working in their fields and living in poverty. It should also be noted that a fourth of the unemployed workforce has a college degree. 

Our approach to training is fun, informative and effective. Our instructional methods and materials are designed to help students achieve the levels of competency necessary to meet their personal, academic, or vocational goals. We combine customized courseware, Instructor-led and Technology-based training with post training support. Our training environment is hands-on, so you’ll learn what you need to know and then try it yourself before you leave the classroom.

giving a dream life!

Boutté’s dream became the Houston Technology and Education Center. At any given time, her 100 plus enrolled students are a mix of, young people who didn’t finish high school, to women looking to enter the workforce after a divorce, to people looking for a career change. Taking between seven & eleven months to complete, the programs currently offered by H-TEC include; Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Computerized Accounting Specialist, Computerized Office Administration, and Computer Applications Specialist. A special English as a Second Language course helps foreign or bilingual students succeed in the business world.

Boutté’s unique concept offers hands-on learning with individual attention and state-of-the-art equipment. All students receive an individual education plan, assistance in writing a career plan, and placement services. Two months before graduation, each student does an externship in a work setting, putting what they’ve learned into use. Once students get in the door and start to move up, they can even come back for refresher courses free of charge.